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if this drags on much longer. that's why i think we need to coalesce aroundern mitt romney and focus on the big task at hand which is defeating barack obama in the fall. >> ben is, basically paul ryan is saying it would be counterproductive not to endorse mitt romney. >> you know, he actually not in that clip but he did say one important thing earlier. he said i didn't support bob dole and john mccain, i am supporting romney. romney is a real conservative. it was not the most whole hearted blessing but it was a real blessing. >> i guess i wonder how much in the end this helps. i mean, we can talk about wisconsin and how that's going to help him or not help him in the state on tuesday. broadly speaking, sam, we have -- there have been a few endorsements this week, jeb bush, we have george h.w. bush, jim demint putting a stamp of approval on romney. chris cillizza makes the case these matter more for mitt romney than any of the wins in the primaries coming up. >> i think that's the case. everyone in the republican establishment is behind the idea romney will be their candidat
romney today, congressman paul ryan. the wisconsin representative says that romney is the right person to beat the president come november. he is also asking the party to rally around the former massachusetts governor. >> i have two criteria i am using to make my decision to vote in our primary tuesday. who is the best person to be president, who will make the best president, and who has the best chance of defeating barack obama. and in my opinion, mitt romney is clearly that person. >> we'll have more on paul ryan's endorsement and what this could mean for romney later in the show. >>> romney also got former president george h.w. bush's endorsement, but it also came with kind of an awkward moment. a reporter asked romney if george w. bush would also be endorsing him, and it put the former massachusetts governor in a little bit of a pickle, especially when bush sr. asked him, has he endorsed you? we'll have the details of that conversation for you a little bit later in "fair game." >>> israel is on high alert as hundreds of thousands of people, mainly arabs and palestinians, are floodi
our old friend, mitt romney. time for people to all get behind this good man. >> you can't win if you don't play. >> the jelly belly president, thank you. it's hard to say that in a political speech. jelly belly. >> so do you feel lucky? we begin with long odds and a gigantic jackpot stoking fevered dreams from coast to coast. visions of private planes, armored him scenes, traveling entourage and oh, yes, an office shaped like a beautiful oval. no, not the mega millions jackpot. now $640 million. it is the gop primary, of course. and who will get the golden ticket? the golden opportunity to face this man in november? >> i'm here -- yes. >> that's all he said. i'm here. who is going to face that guy? well, let's see. could it be sweater vest santorum? defender of social conservatives, champion of the vatican. he the beloved of the bowling lanes. >> we have to appeal to moderates. america is a different country now. you conservatives, tea party folks. are you going to walk away from your principles? compromise. just to win. >> do you think he realizes that at this stage, it is sort of t
nbc/marist poll finds mitt romney opening up a lead in the badger state. the endorsements are rolling in as well. rubio, bush 41, and paul ryan, making it official today as well. >>> plus, what voters in wisconsin are really thinking about. it's that recall election facing governor scott walker following his crackdown on public sector unions. our polling shows it's going to be a nail-biter. there is a more polarized state electorate in the country than wisconsin and now the presidential candidates have to join the debate. >>> and more kabuki theater, paul ryan's budget plan passes the house down party lines, so you know what that means, it heads to the senate to die. but it sets up the republican aspect of the debate for 2012. >>> it's friday, march 30th, 2012, the last day of march that we'll be on the air. this is the "daily rundown," i'm chuck todd. let's get right to my first reads of the morning. we said wisconsin is rick santorum's last stand and if that's the case then it looks like the end is near. in our new nbc/marist wisconsin poll, mitt romney leads seven point
. tuesday's wisconsin primary can spell the end for every republican candidate, not named mitt romney. and ahead of the crucial race the former massachusetts governor seems to be on a roll. a new nbc/marist poll shows romney leading all gop contenders with 40% of the voters' support. rick santorum trails with 33%. meanwhile, wisconsin congressman paul ryan announced his endorsement of romney saying mitt romney is the best person to beat president obama. >> so i believe that he's the right person for the job, and i think this primary has been productive, i think it's constructive up until now. i think it's made the candidates better but we're entering a phase where it could be counterproductive if it drags on long. >> that follows thursday's endorsement by george h.w. bush to endorse the gop front-runner. >> i'm honors to have your endorsement and your support and the president indicated that we've been friends for some time. my parents were also friends of the president and the first lady and having your support means a great deal to me on a personal basis, a family basis, and also on
>>> good friday morning. i'm chris jansing. endorsements piling up for mitt romney. wisconsin could be rick santorum's last stand. mitt romney leading by seven points in that state. romney's super pac is pounding santorum again. s it's spending $3 million in wisconsin on ads. >> in 20 years in washington, santorum voted to raise the debt limit five times. and for billions of wasteful spending including the bridge to nowhere. santorum voted against national right to work -- >> i want to bring in chris hayes host of "up" and michael scherrer who wrotes for the caucus. good morning. >> good morning. >> this seems to be like a boxing match where one guy is on the mad and the count's go on with the ref but he keeps getting up. is santorum going to keep getting up forever, chris? >> it seems to me mathematically, look at the delegate allocation, it is no longer really that possible for plaus -- it's possible but not plausible that santorum can get the amount of delegates to get the nomination. it is possible, though the possibility is diminishing he can prevent romney from getting outrigh
determined to extract its revenge on mitt romney. >>> in the two years he has been . splenda® essentials™ no calorie sweetener with b vitamins, the first and only one to help support a healthy metabolism. three smart ways to sweeten. same great taste. splenda® essentials™. and it showed me the pressure points on my feet and exactly where i needed more support. then, i got my number. my tired, achy feet affected my whole life. until i found my number. i tried the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. in two minutes, i got my foot map and custom number. i'm a 440. that matched up to the dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support and cushioning i need. i am a believer. i'm a believer! i'm a believer. find your closest foot mapping center at >>> in the two years he has been running for president this time around, mitt romney has made two main arguments for his candidacy why republicans should nominate him and ultimately americans should make him president. first, mitt romney says barack obama has throttled job growth and the economy he has, to cite a
where mitt romney is getting absolutely hammered by barack obama. >> yeah. why don't we start there. mitt romney and rick santorum are heading to wisconsin today, kicking off a final campaign push before tuesday's primary. according to the new poll out just this morning, romney has 40% in wisconsin. >> that's good news for romney. >> ahead of rick santorum. in a general election matchup, wisconsin voters favor president obama over both romney and santorum, each by double digits. this lead for the president in wisconsin mirrors numbers this week from other key swing states. this latest poll shows the president topping the republican candidates in the battle ground state of florida. president obama is seven points ahead of romney and 13 points ahead of rick santorum. and in ohio, obama has a six-point lead on romney and seven points on santorum. rick santorum's home state of pennsylvania, even there he loses to president obama by seven points. mitt romney is closer to the president in that swing state, just outside the margin of error. >> mark halperin, it was not so long ago that rep
? why not, they're already having sex with interns. then mitt romney proves he's just like average americans by also not being that excited by mitt romney. and my guest peter beinart has a new book about the future of israel. yarmulke jet pack. atlantic city has a new slogan, do ac. meanwhile anderson cooper has a new slogan. what are you doing, get off me. there is the colbert report captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) . >> stephen: welcome to the report. thank you for joining us. how wonderful. >> stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, stephen, stephen! stephen, steve be en, stephen! >> stephen: thank you so much, everybody. thank you so much. i am not surprised. i have to tell you, folks, i am not surprised by the people in this room. excited. >> thank you so much. folks, i hope, i certainly hope like me you've got lotto fever. i've actually got lotto rash. but to say i'm doing a lot of scratchoffs. and tomorrow, folks s the drawing for the megamillions lottery. $540 million. now to put that into-- to put
. >>> first, the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. mitt romney and rick santorum heading to wisconsin today, kicking off a final push before tuesday's primary there. some new numbers out this morning show romney with a lead there, according to the latest nbc news/marist poll. mitt romney has 40% support in wisconsin. that puts him seven points ahead of rick santorum. ron paul and newt gingrich way back in the poll. our nbc political team breaks down the numbers at and we'll have much more coming up on "morning joe." poll numbers aside, the romney campaign also leaning on a series of high-level endorsements to try to lock up this nomination. the latest comes from wisconsin congressman paul ryan, expected to throw his support behind romney today, perhaps even today. ryan, who chairs the house budget committee, often mentioned as a likely vice presidential pick. romney has praised the congressman's budget blueprint, which passed through the house yesterday along party lines. in another key endorsement for romney, former president george h.w. bush
, but president obama is pulling away in double digits from mitt romney. we also know the far more important month in politics is october. the eve of the election itself. >>> the dnc is having great fun lashing myth romney with his new budget plan that democrats insist favors the rich. >> when old mitt claps his hands for the paul ryan plan that's amore. >> that's in the side shou. let me finish tonight with the excruciating unpredictable election coming our way this fall. we have a correspondent from sanford tonight, and manager editor of "the grio" with us tonight. michael, what have you been able to uncover. >> there's still a lot murky about what happened between trayvon martin and george zimmerman, but one new piece of evidence today that could raise further questions is the original 2005 police report on the arrest of george zimmerman. he was arrested at a bar by a state law enforcement officer and charged with battery and use of viens and obstructing justice. when you look at the police report, what we find is zimmerman disobeyed the orders of a state law enforcement officer to back off. he
, showing president obama pulling away in double digits from mitt romney. but we also know the far more important month in -- well, in politics, is october, the eve of the election itself. and the dnc is having a great time bashing mitt romney on his new budget plan which democrats insists favors the rich. ♪ when old mitt collapse his hand for the plan that's amore ♪ >> that's amore and that's in the side show, and let me finish tonight with the predictable election coming our way this summer and fall. we begin with the trayvon martin shooting. chief investigative correspondent joins us from sanford, florida tonight. also david wilson, editor of let's start with michael who is new on the case. michael, what can you tell us you've been able to uncover? >> reporter: chris, it's still murky about what happened that night between trayvon martin and george zimmerman, but one new piece of evidence we did find today could raise some further questions is the original 2005 police report on the arrest of george zimmerman. zimmerman was arrested at a bar near the university of centra
to their political advantage? plus, talk about an image problem. in just the last week, mitt romney has had his etch a sketch moment, revealed that he's building a house with an elevator just for the cars, and yesterday he joked about when his dad shut down a factory in michigan. can anybody save this guy from himself? >>> plus, the tale of the tape. george zimmerman said he shot trayvon martin after martin broke his nose and repeatedly slammed his head into a concrete sidewalk. but newly released videotape of zimmerman arriving at the police station appears to show no evidence of a broken nose or obvious wounds to the back of zimmerman's head. it doesn't prove anything exactly, but it is raising more questions about what exactly happened that night. and from our own rachel maddow, she's got a new book out, "drift. the unmooring of political power." it's been progressively easy for our country to go to war with fewer consequences for fewer people. how wars are made painless to the general public and therefore easy to start. i can't think of a more important topic. we begin with a spin from both side
's been confirmed that mitt romney and newt gingrich had a private meeting last weekend in louisiana, it happened in romney's hotel in new orleans, right before that state's primary. sources tell cnn's john king the meeting was productive and pleasant but no further details. romney and gingrich's camps say the candidates keep in regular touch just to talk. >>> an awkward moment on the campaign trail for mitt romney, he was picking up endorsement from former president george h.w. bush, bush 41. reporters wanted to know if romney heard from george w. bush while he was in town and here is romney's response and listen carefully as bush sr. leans in and asks romney a question. >> you know, i haven't met with president george w. bush. we speak from time to time. >> has he endorsed you yet? >> uh, no. >> did you hear what that means? it means good boys all listen to their mommys. >> w. may get a scolding. >>> a disturbing rise in autism, up 20% in two years, a serious look at what could be behind the staggering increase. >>> plus people spending it in their minds already. i certainly have a
romney just a few days before the next set of primaries. >> but first the controversy continues over pink slime as yet another school system pulls the beef from the lunch line. that story is up next. >>> more fallout over the finely textured beef filler no. as pink slime. prince william county public schools say they'll stop serving the beef next fall and they join fairfax county, montgomery county and d.c. public schools in pulling from the product. the usda said ammonia treated beef is safe to seat eat, but it is allowing -- safe to eat, but it is allowing schools to opt out of using it. >>> tossed out over a tweet? that happened to a student at garrett high school in indiana. austin harold was expelled after tweeting a floor letter expletive. he claims it was sent -- a four letter expletive. he claims it was sent from his own computer on his own time, but it was done while i was on campus. the principal admits all tweets are tracked by a student once they log in. so that means it could have tracked tweets austin did send from home. the senior is headed to an alternative school just so
presidential candidate joins us as his rival, mitt romney, scores yet another big-name endorsement. we start with a quick look at something everyone's talking about today. a country in the grip of lotto fever. tonight's lottery drawing worth a world record $640 million. so from new york to san francisco, people in long lines outside grocery, convenience and liquor stores waiting to buy mega millions tickets. wait times hit two hours outside the blue bird liquor store in hawthorne, california, near los angeles. why are people waiting there? well, it sold $20 million worth of winning tickets over the years. and st. mary's, georgia, population 17,000, bursting at the seams today thanks to people driving across the border from florida. florida's one of eight states that don't take part in the mega millions lottery. but in 42 states, it's a day for big dreams. >> a new house for my family and my kids and my grandparents. >> a lot of people would benefit. >> a lot of people would be happy. >> our mary snow tracking lotto mania in new york city. mary, what's it like there? >> reporter: well, john,
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fix today as more republican holdouts get in behind behind romney. a new poll shows rick santorum is in trouble in wisconsin which votes tuesday trailing romney by seven points among likely republican voters. down 40 to 33%. ri and joins me on the set. hey, chris, first of all, thanks for holding down the fort this week. great having you here. >> i was happy to. >> talk about wisconsin, on to wisconsin and the fact is rick santorum there and then pennsylvania where he's already holding on to a narrowing lead in his home state over mitt romney. you get the feeling that this thing is coming together if not numerically, the momentum. >> take the last ten days. the last ten days starting with the illinois primary and going to today. what have we seen? mitt romney convince by 12 points in illinois and then goes on to get jeb bush's endorsement, paul ryan's endorsement, marco rubio, george h. w. bush's endorsement. freedomworks says we're not opposed to mitt romney being the nominee anymore. it feels like it's coalescing. if that margin holds or gets a little bit bigger, i
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care law is a debacle it will boomerang on romney because they will say if given the chance the courts would have said the seem about yours in massachusetts. >>governor huckabee: a big difference to have something at the state level that is constitutional in that state and have something at the federal level that imposes upon the states. that is the fundamental difference. romney doesn't have a problem. he could have a problem philosophically defending an individual mandate but not the constitution los angeles issue the feds have because what they were doing was stepping all over the 10th amendment to get where they did get. >>neil: you were the vice presidential running mate that is how you would handle it? >>governor huckabee: you would say you tried something, some parts worked some didn't but why impose something on 50 states would have not decided if they want it. >>neil: governor, thank you very were. and his health show is tomorrow night the give is on fire. does this president, this president, have it worse than this president? this vice president thinks so while some fiber ads
down. court's decision will be kept secret until june. mitt romney continuing to rack up endorsements of republican leaders. house budget committee chairman paul ryan will endorse romney today. this is one day after former president george h. w. bush also endorsed the former massachusetts governor. former florida governor jeb bush has endorsed romney, but former president george w. bush is remaining neutral. it is 43 degrees. so much more to come on good morning washington. the capitals needed a big win against the bruins. tim brant has the highlights from the back and forth. signs of progress in the fight against a wildfire in colorado. we have an update for you. glaxo wellcome. -- welcome. beledweyne moving nicely near the mormon temple. there was an accident, but then has been moved quickly. no impact at connecticut avenue. the beltway between 270 and 95, i would say go for it. >> looks nice outside this morning. 15-20 degrees colder than we were yesterday at this time. 44 degrees at reagan national, 39 at dulles. 36 at winchester. above freezing finally in western maryland where t
to the latest on campaign 2012 and the race for the white house and republican mitt romney picked up another personally big endorsement, but his gop opponents are still hanging in there. danielle nottingham reports from the white house. >> reporter: mitt romney took the stage in wisconsin with one of that state's best known lawmakers. he picked up the endorsement of congressman paul ryan, a conservative known for taking a tough line on government spending. >> because in this man we have a person of conviction, we have a man with the right kind of experience. >> reporter: ryan joins a growing list of republican leaders lining up to support romney including former president george h.w. bush. despite that the former governor's chief rival rick santorum says he'll fight to the finish campaigning in wisconsin saying the obama administration keeps imposing rules that are killing jobs. >> i will eliminate every single one of those regulations on day one. >> reporter: santorum is trailing seven points behind romney in the latest wisconsin poll. newt gingrich is barely registering on the same surv
. >>reporter: in addition to comparing himself to reagan, santorum took jab at front runner romney. brought a minieven sketch poking fun at comment made by romney aide who said the former massachusetts governor would be able to reset his campaign after the primary. >> governor romney said that after the sketch flap he would run as conservative in the fal fall. i'm not going to run as a conservative in the fall. i am a conservative, period. [applause]. >>reporter: it's up clear how much money was raised tonight but over all santorum trails romney by a huge margin. 15 million i don't know to romney 75 million. live inal month, abc 7 news. >> thanks for. that romney was endorsed today by former president george hw bush and his waive barbara. romney joined them in houston for announcement. former florida governor and george stayed out of the fray. >> apple manufacturing plant in china. audit at the plant found health safety and excessive over time violation. workers building and i.pad often worked 60 hours or more a week and not always paid for the over time. fox con will raws
in maryland on tuesday for republicans. the prevote polls show mitt romney the run away favorite in those races. that's why the focus is on wisconsin. republican leaders here on capitol hill hope mitt romney can put away rick santorum in wisconsin. four days before the primary, mitt romney came to wisconsin with a seven-point lead in the nbc news marist poll. >> president obama thinks he is doing a good job. i'm not kidding. he actually thinks he's doing a great job. >> reporter: he's getting key endorsements. conservative house leader paul ryan, who is from wisconsin, 87-year-old former president george bush 41. >> i do think it is time for the party to get behind governor romney. >> reporter: florida tea party senator marco rubio, a wave of romney endorsements. that is really important for him right now because he needs to start bringing the republican party together to start bringing party unity and start generating some enthusiasm for the general election. >> i'm here -- [ applause ] >> -- yes. i'll take off my jacket. >> reporter: president obama is already campaigning. four events t
the taxes, and if you take it up front as a lump sum you might as much money as mitt romney. so this gives us an opportunity to all of us the 99% to join the 1% with mitt romney. who are buying all those mega million tickets. >> it will put a lot of people to work. >> we had over 100,000 jobs. >> i don't even concern myself wealthy which is an interesting thing. >> i have great friends who are nascar team owners. >> this is a way to dream yourself out of your current reality. >> i drive a mustang and a chevy pickup truck. >> 44% of people who win the lottery, they've gone through all of their winnings. >> i've made a lot of money. i've been very successful. i'm not going to apologize for that. 12,347 >> i'm trying to figure out what i would do first, if i would talk with my nascar owning friends or. >> i don't know about you, cenk, but alley gore only paid me enough to forward three to four car elevators for my separate cars and i need more. i need to overpay--i need to pay magic johnson to buy the dodgers from him until i'll be satisfied. >> let me go to michael hastings next. as you loo
that having the convention in august can a help mitt romney. pick a side. >> today members of congress have a simple choice to make. they can stand with the big oil companies, or they can stand with the american people. >> i wonder which one they chose. the answer will not surprise you. and the galaxy just got a whole lot more crowded, a billion super earths they be capable of sustaining life. >> if you think earth is great, wait until you meet super-oprah. on super earth every night is lady's night. >>> good evening this is thursday march 29th 223 days until the 2012 presidential election. i'm eliot spitzer sitting in for keith olbermann. continuing fallout from the police surveillance video showing george the night he shot trayvon martin. florida police claim he surfed scalp lacerationses a sedgedly from a life and life struggle. yet the video shows zimmerman handcuffed yet walking freely without blood stains on his face or clothes or other indications he had even been in a fight. his father repeated those claims in an interview, concealing his face for fear of being
tackedtalk talked by your brother. >> so we have a lot to get to today. mitt romney. all of the momentum this morning. >> wow. yes. overwhelming. yeah, marco rubio, could that have been a lessen tuesdayiastic endorsement? well getting mad. >> yeah. >> he said literally because he doesn't want a floor fight. >> yeah. whatever. >> had to pick somebody. so i guess i go for romney i guess. >> oncoming my god, speaking of marco rubio. i did not know this. guess what he used to be as a child? >> cuban? >> a mormon. >> really? >> god gloria! she is not a christian! >> i don't know anyone who is a christian. >> he wasspent his childhood as a faithful mormon, baptized into the mormon church with his family at around age of 8, remained active in the faith a number of years as a "ute". >> he got out because -- or is he still? >> no he returned to the catholic church a few years later receiving his first communion when he was 13 . >> all right. >> just saying. >> i am just saying. >> rubio fund fancycts. would you like more. >> sure. >> he formed a singing group wit
romney nabs another high-profile endorsement. ok, guys-- what's next ? chocolate lemonade ? susie's lemonade... the movie. is oh! oh! so close! now where were we? ok, this one's good for two. score! [ male announcer ] share what you love with who you love. kellogg's frosted flakes. they're gr-r-eat! oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, to liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen [ male announc ] you plant. you mow. you grow. you dream. meet the new definition of durability: the john deere select series. with endless possibilities, what will you create? ♪ learn more about the new select series x310 with power steering at >> chris: a federal judge today upheld wisconsin's law curbing collective bargaining rights. sided with unions in one area, dues could automatically be withdrawn from paychecks. this is as republican governor scott walker will face recall election this s
now. jon: bears have terrible eyesight. the big names keep lining up behind mitt romney. yesterday an endorsement from one of the old guard. today from one of the young guns. does mitt romney have the nomination all but won or could we get a big surprise? jenna: good question there. a secret vote behind closed doors. top judges in the land casting their ballots whether the president's health care law is constitutional. we'll break it down, what it could mean for you and your family. jon: plus they are very tiny and really cute but the legal battle over these mini horses could get very ugly. can the government force business owners to let horses come inside because they're called service animals? a fair and balanced debate. it is all "happening now." jon: another key endorsement for mitt romney just days before a very important primary. the latest indication that republican leaders want to end the nomination fight and focus on the general election. good friday morning, to you. i'm jon scott. jenna: good friday to you as well. i'm jenna lee. wisconsin congressman paul ryan announcing
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